What do your model Numbers represent?

Our Model Numbers represent the exit hole Diameter, for example:

JT-250 - .250 Exit hole

JT-500 - .500 Exit hole

JT-300 - .300 Exit hole

and so on...

How do I know which muzzle brake I need?

 First, you will need to know the threading of your barrel, which is usually 12-28 for an AR-15 (.223/5.56) and 58-24 for an AR-10 (.308/7.62).

Once your thread pitch is determined, you need to find a Muzzle brake that has an exit hole LARGER than the caliber of the rifle. Our model numbers (JT-250, JT-300 and so on) indicate the exit hole diameter.

For example a JT-250 has a .250 exit hole. It is CRITICAL you only shoot calibers SMALLER than the exit hole. The consumer is responsible for assuring the exit hole clearance is ATLEAST .020" of an inch. For example the MAX fit for the JT-250 would be a .230 Caliber. Stay .020 Under.


How Do Install one of your Muzzle Brakes?

First clean the threads, Then thread on the nut as far as you can by hand. Next Thread the muzzle brake as far as it will go and stop when the lettering, and top ports are straight up. Then torque the nut forwards into the Brake, with about 15-25 ft lbs for best results. You are now ready to go!



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