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JT-300XL Muzzle Brake (.243-.270-6.5 creedmoor - 7 mm)

JT-300XL Muzzle Brake (.243-.270-6.5 creedmoor - 7 mm)

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The JT-300XL is one of the Best all around Muzzle devices on the market. Along with removing recoil, it also mitigates "Muzzle Climb" By porting Gas upwards like a muzzle compensator.
It is threaded in 5/8 X 24
  • Boasts incredible recoil reduction of over 60% !
  • Black Nitride Coated
  • Laser Engraved
  • USA Made
  • Ultra tough 416 Stainless Steel
  • Abrasion resistant Black Nitride
  • Laser etched
  • Index/Lock Nut included

The Index Nut is a far superior system than the industry standard "crush washer". Our index Nut allows you to install and remove your brake as often as you want, and aligning the brake is fast and easy!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Trevor R.
Excellent device

Recoil is reduced DRAMATICALLY. It looks good too. Install is easy. It doesn't through the balance of my rifle off (bergara crest 7prc). It is loud to everyone except the shooter. Fit and finish is perfect

Kerry Kuykendall
Bought two love them

Got one for my daughter’s 243 and one for my 308 great product.

Kenny Vance

I have a light 30-06. Wanted to get something to cut the recoil down because the gun kicked like a mule. Ordered one of these muzzle breaks and it showed up in less than a week. It cut my recoil down to were I can shoot it more than 8 times without bruising my shoulder! I’d say it cut it down about 40-50%. Great product and shipped in a timely manner!!

Terry Merten
300xl muzzle brake


Mike Flores
JT-360 & JT-300XL

I came across JTT while searching for muzzle brakes. I sent a message and received a response in minutes from Andrew. He left me his number to give him a call. After talking with Andrew, I ordered the 360 and the 300XL. They shipped this extremely fast and gave me all the necessary information to track it. After placing these on my rifles, the recoil had been reduced significantly. Placing these on was very easy and you can set these in different ways if you choose to. Overall, these are the best muzzle brakes that I have found. If you are looking at these, get one, you will be happy that you did.